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Secret Handshake - Dark Roast

Secret Handshake - Dark Roast

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Secret Handshake - Dark Roast

In a dimly lit chamber, shrouded in mystery, two members of an ancient secret society perform a complex handshake. It begins with a traditional palm-to-palm clasp, followed by an intricate series of finger interlockings, symbolizing unity and trust. They then press their thumbs together, forming a unique emblem, the society's secretive sigil. This gesture is concluded with a solemn bow, signifying respect and allegiance to their hidden order and its centuries-old traditions.

Secret Handshake is a robust and dark blend of India Monsoon Malabar and Bali Blue Moon beans, producing a flavor profile evocative of cocoa nibs and a bold, earthy richness.

*Product sold as whole bean

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